Exclusive Services

THE PROCESS As our service is designed for convenience, a private consultation is usually done at a venue preferred by our clients. The consultation is mandatory to understand our client’s requirements in a partner after which, the Relationship Manager would recommend a few matches from our Database or start screening for someone who is a mutual fit. Based on our many years and success in coaching singles, we also provide exclusive dating tips and personalized one-to-one coaching to maximize dating success for our clients. Dates are arranged in a fuss-free manner. ELIGIBILITY: Exclusive to legally single individuals residing in Singapore with an annual income of at least $500,000 If you are a celebrity or well-known figure, the CEO and Co-Founder, Violet Lim will be assisting you for the initial consultation so as to preserve your privacy.  


THE AFFLUENT MEMBERS The affluent members of Peerage are at their 20’s to early 40s. They are attractive, sophisticated and have a mind of their own. They carry their selves very well and maintain a good conversation with anyone. They are relationship-oriented and are keen to start a new relationship/family when the right one comes along.


THE MEMBERSHIP Only a certain percentage of people who possess above-average qualities – be it looks or social status, are handpicked by a dedicated Consultant. Therefore, our screening process is carefully framed. We follow the headhunting model of reaching out to elite candidates to match with our elite clients.
ELITE PACKAGE 1 2-year membership Unlimited dates, guaranteed 5 ELITE PACKAGE 2 3-year membership Unlimited dates, guaranteed 10
Both membership packages include:
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Date Sourcing – locally & overseas branches
  • View Match Photo & intro video
  • View Match's profile in Client's office/out-of-office based on client's convenience & preferences
  • Private Date feedback review & profile refinements after each date
  • Access to the top 5% of database
  • Headhunt out of internal database
  • Restaurant reservations, date activity suggestion, after date follow-up e.g. sending the lady a gift or ordering flowers for her
  • Assistance in 2nd dates with the same person if required