The Membership

Only a certain percentage of people who possess above-average qualities – be it looks or social status, are handpicked by a dedicated Consultant. Therefore, our screening process is carefully framed. We follow the headhunting model of reaching out to elite candidates to match with our elite clients.
ELITE PACKAGE 1 2-year membership Unlimited dates, guaranteed 5 ELITE PACKAGE 2 3-year membership Unlimited dates, guaranteed 10
Both membership packages include:
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Date Sourcing – locally & overseas branches
  • View Match Photo & intro video
  • View Match's profile in Client's office/out-of-office based on client's convenience & preferences
  • Private Date feedback review & profile refinements after each date
  • Access to the top 5% of database
  • Headhunt out of internal database
  • Restaurant reservations, date activity suggestion, after date follow-up e.g. sending the lady a gift or ordering flowers for her
  • Assistance in 2nd dates with the same person if required